Meet Hajar Limati

Meet Hajar Limati

Please meet Hajar Limati, a Featured artist on Art Evince.

"My name is Hajar am a Young woman artist based in Paris, but I am above all an architect, I am therefore an interior and exterior designer. I design a lot of luxury houses and office spaces, and during my 6 years at the architecture university, I learned drawing and painting but also to give free rein to my imagination in my pencil stroke.

I started in 2013 with illustrative drawings at school then I showed a great penchant for the sinuous shapes of bodies and human morphology. Most of my works are in acrylic paint, some are in oil paint, and now I am a fervent painter of nudes and bodies, but I also sometimes do some abstract art.

Discovering painting has changed me a lot as a person, today I am 25 years old and I am an architect in a project management agency in Paris and I feel that painting helps me to mature day after day , painting for several weeks taught me to be more patient and more diligent in my work, paying attention to small details helped me to be more rigorous and above all I never get bored, I don't see the time passing it's so exciting to be able to be at home at night when everyone is asleep, and spend hours mixing colors, making mistakes which turn out to be a good turn for the work, I find it extraordinary without limits.

When I was able to publish my artworks at the Art Evince platform, I did it and it was with a purpose to share my artistic journey with people around the world, since art is a universal language, and I also share my life as an artist daily on my Instagram account Artemania09, in which I share all my art tips with young, old, amateur, and professional artists, as I said before, No boundaries…

Thank you, Art Evince London, for giving me this opportunity to show my work and my artistic journey, I hope that a lot of young artists will get this chance too."


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