Meet Yannick Aaron

Meet Yannick Aaron

Yannick Lof, better known by his artist name Yannick Aaron, was born in 1985 in Fontainebleau in France.

With a graffiti background, the French artist developed a unique and recognisable style based on the use of abstract geometric shapes and chromatic variations. Subjects in his paintings are mainly inspired from pop art culture. 

Perfectly comfortable with different techniques, spray paint, acrylic paints, oil paints, airbrush, Yannick Aaron creates complex compositions in which the colours and geometric lines interact, resulting in a sort of puzzle that reveals textures, shapes, light effects and transparency.

With references to constructivism, pop art and graffiti art, the artist aims to evoke a vision, a memory, popular icons, in an entirely unusual and original way. 

Devoted to contrasts and mixing cultures, he spends part of his time in Poznan in Poland where he is creating most of his artwork. Rest of his time he spends travelling all over France, mainly painting mural artworks commissioned by companies such as Booking, Veolia, Vinci park, Ikea or city towns etc.

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