Meet Dominique Dève

Meet Dominique Dève

Dominique Dève is a French painter. His figurative expressionist style has already allowed him to exhibit in Paris, Zurich, Athens, Los Angeles or New Delhi.

French artist Dominique Deve possesses the artistic talent to vividly portray human beings as we know them: not shiny, sleek and perfect in their mental and physical form, but full of emotional frailty and physical flaws. He has a keen eye for the immense diversity of people who surround us and their unique characteristics. Deve's portraits make us wonder who these people are, what has happened to them and where do they come from. We may not know them personally but we recognise them. An original artist with a deft brush.

Dominique Deve demonstrates great creativity and a unique and compelling insight into the range of emotions and characteristics of his human portraits. They emerge from within a swirling context of masterful paint strokes that generate movement and mystery, supported by subtle and lifelike colours and shades, such as are part of the real, untidy world. Deve is more adventurous than many artists, and sits at the opposite end of bland! His work is intriguing and worth a close look.

What is it that makes one artist so special? Every time I see a new painting by Dominique Deve I get goose bumps! This artist's ability to reach into the human soul and convince us that his portraits are unique individuals encompassing both strength and weakness, ugliness and beauty, is astonishing.

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