Ruzanna Hakobyan

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Of Armenian origin, I was born in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia on March 29. 1979 I have an education Bachelor's Degree from Yerevan Academy of Fine Art From 2007-2014 I moved to live and to work in Paris as a Fashion Designer In 2014 I moved to Nice and have been painting ever since.​ Art is therapy...Creating is like breathing clean air for me... In my perpetual state of rebirth and metamorphosis, painting is a way of communicating and transmitting the unconditional love I have towards nature the human race, my origin, and the animal world. It is not easy to define the style of my work. I express myself in a form of free figuration, with occasional forms of abstraction. I try to listen to the chromatic vibrations that light up the visible and reshape it. In some ways, as a ritual, my work finds its rhythm during the process, regardless of the dimensions of a painting. Animal toys are an example. Ruzanna HakobyanArtiste -Peintre

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