Tandy Pengelly

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Contemporary and Abstract Artist: Tandy Pengelly I am an Australian British Contemporary and Abstract Artist living in France, with a passion for capturing the spirit, freedom and diversity of nature and life. My style is vibrant, textured, intuitive and free flowing, using bold colours, and brush strokes. My seascapes are bright, colourful and abstract with free flowing strokes and blending. My portraits aim to evoke emotion, and my contemporary paintings of nature bring us closer to the varied beauty that sometimes we are just too busy to notice. I also love creating textured abstract botanical work with oil and the palette knife, offering a hint of realism, but also requiring us to look closer at the subject matter to find the contours and detail. I believe that art should inspire us to deepen our connection to the beauty of all that surrounds us, awaken the senses and allow us to stop, pause and reconnect. Reconnect to what is deep within us, part of us, and that which connects us all. Art, literature, dance, music should awaken, inspire and create a yearning within us to leave the mundane behind.

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