Sandro Cocco

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I'm born in 1973 in Antwerp in Belgium. My father was Sardinian and my mother Flemish. I started with studying Illustration (1993) where I learned the basic techniques: observation, light and shadow, perspective, color and the use of drawing and painting materials but I choose to study Painting (1994) the next year because I wanted to explore my personal expression. During my studies of Painting (1994-1998) I studied two years observation by nature: nude, still life and interiors that ended in blind observation drawings. But in the third year I started to make my own work. I started exploring 'Automatic Drawing' and soon began to explore other mediums like Printing, Sculpture, Installation and Video. In the fourth year I felt the need to explore narration and this resulted in graduating with 20 digital Photo-Collages. I continued three years to make collages (1999-2001). Because of this I decided to study Comic and Illustration in (2001-2003). I made a biographical Graphic Novel and published a few short stories but I wanted to make 'free' artworks again without any boundaries of expression. So in 2004 I started to make abstract 'Amorphous' drawings' again in 'Automatic Drawing mode'. In 2005 I visited a friend who had a Surrealist painting hanging on his wall. The use of symbols invited me to begin my ongoing series 'Imaginary Rooms' in which I use visual motives. For me it's some kind of diary in 'Automatic drawing' but I hope to communicate with the viewer. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exhibitions • Presentation of a painting in evolution, january 1998, Antwerp • Installation of a bath tub, may 1998, Antwerp • My studio as an aquarium, june 1998, Antwerp • Total Installation, Big Brother, Think-T(h)anks, projection digital collages, June 1998, Antwerp • Projection slide of a painting in evolution, installation of a bath with photo collage, photo document cloud room, 1998, Antwerp • Idea Room, installation of amorphous sculptures, 1998, Antwerp • Digital presentation, Centre Culturel de Warande, Turnhout • Amorphous sculptures, calligraphies of a swimming pool, 2000, Bruges • Land-art amorphous, dog wife sculpture, Half relief of Kanako, photo document of my studio as an aquarium, photo document of my studio in mutation, 2000, Antwerp • Presentation de l’histoire court-métrage La Visite, 2001, Gand • Presentation de ma bande-dessinée L’Autre Côté, 2002, Gand • Présentation de ma bande-dessinée Le Pick-up, 2003, Gand • Presentation de ma bande-dessinée Bd sur bd, 2003, Gand • Art of the region fair, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, Renaix • Week of Art fair, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, Renaix • Exhibition Ink-Watercolours and Etchings with Kanako Higa, 2009, Naha, Okinawa, Japan • Exhibition Preview The Other Side, story of a psychosis, 1st May-23th May 2013, Post Office, Rochefort, Belgium • Publication of the comic 'The Other Side, story of a psychosis' at Le Moule à Gaufres le 17 july 2013 • Participation at Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême, february 2014 • Participation at Festival BD Contern, Luxembourg, 18 et 19 july 2015 • Participation au Festival BD, Geraardsbergen, march 2016 • Exhibition Motz-en Folie, Dinant, january-march 2017 • Exhibition Solo, Academy of Fine Arts-Arts, Namur, may 2017 • Exhibition ‘Imaginary Rooms', Château d'eau, Jemelle, september 2017 • Exhibition Wallonie Bienvenue, Jemelle, october 2018 • Exhibition Mouvements #6, Cultural Center, Rochefort, 2020

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