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My name is Brenda Rodriguez-Corsi. I am an artist and designer currently based in Frankfurt, Germany. I studied art and interior design in my hometown Lima, Peru and I dedicated myself for many years to the design and production of handmade rugs using different kind of natural fibers. By a twist of destiny, I moved to Germany in 2008 and worked for many years in the commercial aviation industry. However, my creative vocation was always present in my life. When relegated at home by Covid-19 I made the decision to have a new start and fully immerse myself into what really fascinates me and makes me happy: Painting. I consider myself an artist in constant learning. I learn from life, from my personal experiences, from my journeys, from contact with other people. Every artwork comes from it, a story that does not need words to be told, a journey without a set destination, a trip of my soul without a predefined outcome. Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you: Art created from the soul.

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