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I never entertained the idea or craft of painting until my daughter bought me painting supplies and a canvas for my birthday. Since that day, my hand has been free flowing, my ideas ever lasting, and my passion ignited. Nothing brings me more joy. With a background in Theatre, Interior Design, Fashion Design, small parts of the creative process in those areas have poked through when I begin each piece of Art now. I tend to not carry an image of how I want my next piece to look or to be, simultaneously with strokes of the brush, it all appears naturally, without force; I paint a reflection of my soul. The uniqueness and blends of colors are sometimes accidental, and always purposeful. I enjoy using different techniques, playing with liquid Acrylic, and tend to be drawn more towards a brightness and emotion filled image. Using complimentary objects of still life, shapes and colors that identify with my feelings, I hope to create a version of my unconscious mind on the canvas every time. You can see something for yourself in every Painting. A part of it may evoke a tear, a smile, joy, a breath of fresh air - For that very purpose, I paint. **Vaiva’s modern art has already been recognized by art galleries, Multi-Medis platforms, art collectors, the Film, Fashion and Commercial industry.**

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