Andre Maia

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André Maia born in 1990 lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Since very early he became an independent artist with different perspectives of art in his general term. His true passion was to create mostly the already existing where one of the principles was the highlighting of colors and that is a strong characteristic of his work. After a first phase on paper, painting with China ink and moving progressively to watercolor, he finally found his soul in the oil and acrylic technique on canvas, With courses in Technical / Artistic drawing at the University Arts of London, graduated in Visual Arts but also connected to the world of Product Design, where he completed the specialization course at the Lisbon School of Design, the goal is to continue to have more training and learning. From then till now all of his work is now represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid. His greatest passion is to capture the perfect ´expression´ through the tones, colors and highlights. From 2014 to today, a total of 3 exhibitions of his work, in different techniques, have been held in places like Evidencia Belverde (Seixal), LX Factory (Lisbon), Vila Nova de MIlfontes (Alentejo) . The fourth exhibition was at the international level, at the International Contemporary Art Fair in Luxembourg in 2020. A unique experience marked by the exhibition of two works with the representation of the Van Gogh Gallery (Madrid).. There will be a lot of fresh and new work to show. Stay tuned!

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