Alexandra Jagoda

Last seen:  7 months ago

What reasons motivate me to devote my life to painting? After all, many people love to draw in childhood, but not everyone continues to draw later. I was lucky because my interest in the world around me turned into my major. I have something to say and I need dialogue. And painting is the instrument through which my thoughts or ideas are conveyed to the viewer. I paint because of two reasons. I want to be heard, and the problems that disturb me disturb lots of people. I hope that my art will help focus on issues that are destroying humanity today, such as wars, conflicts, poverty. I want to communicate with a human through painting, provoke him into dialogue. Using heavy, rough, and expressive strokes make my style sharp and impressive. I create works of art to express my love for modern people, as well as my fears about modern society.

Member since 16 September 2021