Aleksandra Rowicka

Last seen:  2 years ago

The world as it is when you are not looking In my works, I use appealing ethnic aesthetics to convey seemingly modern ideas. Humans haven’t changed so much, and nowadays we have similar emotions, instincts and needs as our ancestors from hundreds of years ago. People tend to believe now, that we have a better understanding or control over ourselves, our health, our minds, and our destiny. With my works, I aim to show modern ideas through ethnic lenses, to pose a question if the above is undeniable. Title of my art collection “The world as it is when you are not looking” refers to areas of science that we still do not understand. Physical phenomena which are still a mystery to us like for example emergence, quantum physics and dark matter, cause me to pause and consider that all we know is limited by our senses. Majority of my works are inspired by imagining how the unlimited world may look like.

Member since 19 July 2021 Brussels Capital, Belgium