Meet Evgenia Saré

Meet Evgenia Saré

Born in Armenia, graduate of the Yerevan National Academy of Fine Arts, I have been living and working in Paris since 1991.

My only motivation to paint is the pleasure I derive from it. I feel good with my characters, who are gentle, kind, coquettish and above all very human.

My characters are timeless, sympathetic and often thoughtful. Everyone thinks of something personal. And the viewer will find what is close to him in the picture.

I always work, even when I don't have a pencil or a brush in my hand, every look, every movement, every word, every passer-by, everything around me fills my painter's piggy bank. I purify the character, I remove the wickedness, the bitterness, the grey veil from the daily worries, and they continue their life on my paintings in serenity and happiness.

Oil painting on canvas is one of the oldest and most beautiful painting techniques invented by mankind. It requires a meticulous and quiet work, which does not correspond to our time of reactivity. But it is only in this technique that I found what I was looking for - the possibility to model portraits gently and to work on details.

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