Meet Amol Carvalho

Meet Amol Carvalho

Please meet Amol Carvalho, a Featured artist on Art Evince!

"I am basically a professional Digital Artist turned professional Painter. I am currently based in Dubai. I completed my Graduation in Bachelor of Fine Art from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art (Mumbai).

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I started my career as a Digital Illustrator and creative Visualiser with a Media publication, later starting up his own Freelance studio (Digi Inc). But I was not satisfied with the materialistic art I was delivering digitally for my clients. I restarted painting as a therapy to satisfy my passion and freedom of expression. 

Painting connects me to my passion and satisfaction of fulfilment to express myself openly. While keeping a decent balance between my professional Digital Art, I dived into Commissioned Portrait & Landscape canvas painting for almost a decade now. Painting awakens all my senses and inspires me to challenge my Artistic abilities.

Horses have always been an inspiration for my paintings, as it is a symbol of freedom, strength, endurance, stamina, power, and hard work. And majority of my painting subjects are Horses. It possesses unbridled desire because of its natural wild and powerful spirit which always wants to break free. We all live in a social world and many times we have restrains to our desires and freedom of expression. All my Horse painting are subjected towards expression of freedom or being optimistic towards it."

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