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DENYS SABALDASH: ARTIST'S WORKS ITS A FRUITS OF AN INSPIRATION. Current starting point of a certain chronology of the PRESTIGIO D.S COLLECTION The pictorial works draw inspired by a baroque environment. Prestige Collection Painting for people with character and imagination. Art that transmits life and passion. It is an endless field to discover and observe deep inside the painting. In all pictures there are Quotations from Ancient books and religions in the Titles. I propose a new Different Reality. The born of Prestige Collection. After making a Dragon eyes tattoo, the painting began to improve, became deeper, mysterious and unique. Dragon's gaze gives Authority and power to painting and painting became prestige.(Apocalipsis Chapter XIII) And the dragon gave Authority and Strength and the Beast ascended to the ground. When making different layers in paints, it take life, the relief is very sharps and on applying the layers by hands, sometimes they produce small cuts on my hands that cause blood mixes with the colors which create connection with the paintings and painter. Paintings acquires Life which make an unexplained sense of difference from a inclusive way. All paintings are accompanied by a certificate and serial number. There is a book with records of all serial numbers, sizes and unique characteristics. My aim is to try create a dialogue between the paint and the spectator. The paint is applied in different layers until the final effect is achieved. The perfect abstract is a painting that speaks and hypnotizes you. Time, light and color mixed together to give life and soul to the painting. Message sent by the paint towards a look at the Past.

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