Sheikh Saifi

En ligne il y a 2 ans

Sheikh Saifi is a contemporary Artist, inventor and calligrapher based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is known for his popular practices of public art. His powerful blend impression signified his style. He is the inventor of 7 new Modern Arabic Calligraphy Scripts "Khat Al-Saifi", "Iqbal Font", "Pakistan Font", "Rumi Font", "Khat Al-Burj", "Saadi Font" and "Khat Al-Mustaqbil" . He has covered various National & International Exhibitions. He led calligraphy as more than a piece of expression, digitally blended style, and mark creations fusion of painting. He is bridging both traditional practices and technology base medium. His exploration inspired many of his followers. His Modern Arabic Calligraphy is an Art that uses the liquefying rhythmic flow which appears in a melted floating symbolic impression. He is engaging and conducting many public workshops. He covered and participated in public art. His viewers always enjoy and feel connected through his efforts in this. He believes that ; "Art is the property of the public and we must involve directly and encourage this spirit'' . Saifi's Calligraphy Masterpiece is displayed in famous museums. The Sikander Museum in Dubai awarded his creations as permanent displays. His spontaneous expressions in Calligraphy are remarkable. The scale does not matter for him. As an energetic explorer his journey is contributing excellently. His nutritious contributions are up to the mark and having patrons across the world, he continues to pursue the Calligraphy Style and soar higher in the world of art. For more details please visit our website: info(at) +971 553393982

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