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My photographic work is about time and space. Space that can be wide open with a huge sky above and an uncertain horizon of a beach. Or it can be shut within the restricting, confined underground architecture of the New York City Subway. Places and times, among many others, like an arena for anonymous encounters that can be done and undone, with multiple interactions in a constant ballet of comings and goings. The interaction of light and shadows with time creates probable and improbable moments where the visible reveals the invisible. My photographs do not try to freeze “the instant”, but events taking place in space-time reduced to a few seconds showing immobility or movement, people meeting or breaking up... I carry out series of shootings at different times, at random, showing opposites and contrary situations. A duality which is the essence of life and in the center of which humanity is in perpetual search of its place. My photographs look at the impermanence of beings and things. Signs tracing their passage into light and shadow. I give weight to aesthetic principles that serve my purpose and my feeling. The purpose of my photographic work is not to transmit an ordinary message but to share a thought, an emotion, enriched with the experience of the observer looking at my work. marc harrold

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