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Svetlana Ermolina (b. 1973, Russia) is a contemporary artist living in Germany. After finishing her studies of Foreign Languages and Cutures Svetlana changed some occupations till she turned to her childhood passion – painting. In addition to the autodidactic artistic development, new influences and techniques flowed into her creative work through several courses and training. Svetlana’s work was initially inspired by the form and plastic of ussuall objects. While her art works are typically quiet and simple, there is also a hint of melencholy. Through her continued experimentation with moderate colors, line and flat, patterned and geometric surfaces she transcends the everyday to offer us a vision of life that is infinitely laconic and to the same time very profound and pensive. Her primary mediums consist of acrylic on stretched cannvas through Svetlana frequently experiment with mixed media. Her technical approach using patterns, stencils, various non-artistical tools is to explore their qualities in a unique and dynamic way. Painting ist a continual learning for her, seeking for neu ways to express and to communicate the emotions and thinks.

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