Christos Samoilis

En ligne il y a 3 ans

Dream and Passion Dream and passion, when these two get together, my creations take off and my hobby is trying to give life to neglected or rejected materials. My hobby became my passion and my passion became my art and I create things that have a sense of the past. Everything object I make is unique and appeals to those who know how and appreciate such creations. My idea is to recycle, re-use and re-invent unwanted items and materials that are discarded or discarded as useless and bring them to life with a new identity.. With the experimentation of various dissimilar materials and with the technique of hydraulics, I converted the pre-existing materials to useful items such as lamps that all have a story to tell (some of the materials were buried on the ground for years or were forgotten in a village shop listening stories by the villagers). The uniqueness of each object is my purpose and that is the reason I do not make same objects. My purpose is to develop my own items and my ethic does not allow me to copy others items so my creations are unique and as so they can be estimated. All products produced in DreamSteamLamps are manufactured by hand using traditional methods and machines. Because of this, there are not two pieces that are always the same and you can be sure that your purchase is truly unique. Our lighting designs are absolutely original and unique. We can also produce a new design according to the preferred specifications. I am a lover of ROCK / METAL / JAZZ music and I have named all my creations by this music. I believe that this music is unique and timeless and so are the objects I create. There is also a category of lamps that will be reproduced and their names come from the mythology of ancient Greece. I love creation, it's a way to feel free, lost in a world I create, I made my own world as I like it ,a fantastic world like DreamSteamLamps

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