Horses on the beach

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Andalucia, where i live, is boasting to be an origin of the famouse Dancing Andalucian Horses.

Myth and legend surround the story of the origin of the Andalucian horse breed. The traditional story proceeds along the lines of: an animal native to Spain, proud and noble of course, remaining pure in breed through the centuries from the mists of time.

That story really does start in the mists of time. About 400 BC. Simon of Athens, Xenophon, and later in the 1st century AD, Columella and Saint Isodore of Seville in about 610 AD, defined the perfect horse. Collectively they described the ‘classical horse’. It should have a small head, black eyes, tiny, straight ears, a flexible, thick and not too long neck, a thick mane, wide chest, round belly, elevated movements, a long, silky, wavy tail and a round coup. From then onwards this model of a horse, that did not exist in reality, was represented in drawings, paintings, engravings and sculptures.

Style Impressionniste
Sujet Animaux et oiseaux
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