Horses in Villacana

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Andalucía, where i live, is boasting to be an origin of the famouse Dancing Andalucian Horses.

In 1567, King Phillip II (the Prudent) of Spain ruled one of the world’s largest empires. His reign began the ‘Golden Age’ in Spain, a period during which there was a great outpouring of literature, music and the visual arts. Phillip allowed this blossoming of the arts to go to his head and he decided that Spain would be the country to produce what had, until then, been a fantasy - the ‘Classical horse’. He charged the royal horse master, Diego Lopez de Haro, to purchase 1,200 mares and stallions necessary to create a new breed of horse that would match the perfect vision. Diego bought a selection of the different types of horses then in Andalucia that already had one or more of the features desired in the ideal horse. The eventual result was the Andalucian breed. Phillip decided the horse was so extraordinary that it would be for the exclusive use of the Royal household and for gifts to foreign monarchs, nobles and clergy. By the 18th century, the Andalucian was famous as a breed throughout the world.

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