Score 043 Blinky The Boss

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A leap into the past able to give emotions and memories of a period that has gone down in history such as the fabulous 80s.
Give a memory of those years to those who were lucky enough to experience them and show the youngest something that they probably did not have the opportunity to know.
Says the author of Art-Cade Bites of his works.

For sale the creation: Art-Cade Bites Blinky The Boss - Score 043

The unique and original Art-Cade Bites (#artcadebites).
The sculpture is a unique piece, hand signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The Art-Cade Bites are made by an emerging Italian artist who already has an international clientele.
Style Urbain et Pop
Sujet Abstrait et non figuratif
Année de création 2022
Dimensions (cm / pouces) 25x20x3 cm
Poids 1,2 kg
Signée Oui
Frais de livraison Livraison incluse
Temps d'expédition Prêt à expédier dans 2-3 jours ouvrables
Localisation Genova, Italy

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