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I named this painting "Heimweh" because I think that the melancholic feeling of being away from home is better described in German than in any other language. But what does "home" mean? The time outside the country of origin and the distance have brought consequences. You will never be the same and you will never see things the same way. You will never be able to feel at home again. You become a permanent foreigner, you don't belong anywhere, neither to the country that welcomed you, nor to the country you where born in.

Technical: Oil-acrylic mixed media on canvas

Size: (L x W x H) 80 x 60 x 2 cm

Style Abstrait
Sujet Abstrait et non figuratif
Année de création 2021
Dimensions (cm / pouces) 80 x 60 x 2 cm
Signée Oui
Frais de livraison Livraison gratuite
Temps d'expédition Prêt à expédier dans 4-7 jours ouvrables
Localisation Hafeninsel 50 63067 Offenbach, Hesse, Germany

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