" Éclats de lumière "

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The 1/10th copper sheet is heated with a blowtorch before working, this makes it more malleable and accentuates my patinas during the finishes which are done using steel wool and varnish in successively superimposed layers.Embossed copper sheet, resinated and fixed in 3D on a cotton canvas frame. Background made with oil (7 layers) with a spatula. Encrusted with mosaic mirrors. Patinas and varnishes.

Style Surréaliste
Sujet Abstrait et non figuratif
Année de création 2022
Dimensions (cm / pouces) 120 x 40
Signée Oui
Frais de livraison Livraison incluse
Temps d'expédition Prêt à expédier dans 2-3 jours ouvrables
Localisation Grandroute de liège 4162 Anthisnes, Wallonia, Belgium

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