Woman's secrets - Triptych - Ceramic -

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Women must always remember who they are, and what they are capable of. They should not be afraid to cross the endless fields of irrationality, and not even to remain suspended on the stars, at night, leaning against the balcony of the sky. They must not be afraid of the darkness that engulfs things, because that darkness frees a multitude of treasures. That darkness that they, free, disheveled and proud, know as no man will ever know.

The three paintings can also be separated, they are all signed.

This art piece needs some painting and cooking series till 1040 °C. 
the image is reproduced by hand on ceramic, with enamel and eggs. 
I utilized this unique technique, growing during years of testing, and nobody knows the procedure. 
i don’t use machine, all by hands and just an hoven to cook. it’s really strong, it doesn’t scratch at all, even with nails. the art piece is equipped with a distance keeper that make it ready to be hanged everywhere.

Style Impressionistic
Subject People and portraits
Year created 2020
Size (L x W x H) (cm / inches) 30+30+30x30x2 cm
Signed Yes
Shipping Cost £30
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Location Predaia - Via 4 Novembre 12 38012, Trento, Italy

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