Gill Gilberto Borghesi

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Pottery, pictures, blow-ups directly on the wall. Curiosity, the desire to discover and continually test myself are the cornerstones of my existence. From work to private life, everything is constantly changing, always. My body is 60, my energy 35. I live in Italy, in a beautiful northern village. A reckless adolescence, an ingenious father. I work as a typographer, in those days with movable types and printing presses. I live, in 25 years, the evolution of the art of printing from Gutenberg to Steve Jobs. At 40, I choose to change my life. I choose freedom. I choose a more intimate profession, more mine. I choose to create. I choose a language: Photography. Two masters, Keith Carter and Mauro Fiorese. Two sacred monsters of international photography. Analog and pinhole, Man Ray my mentor. A book on ancient photographic printing techniques enlightens me. I let myself go, I start creating with my hands again. I experiment with many of the ancient techniques. I combine the experience of a typographer with that of a photographer. A unique manufacturing process is born based on Chicken Eggs. A convergence of acquired skills. Since that moment I have never stopped expressing myself. Works on large walls are born, ceramics and glass fusions are born, oxidized iron sheets are born. Each creation is the evolution of the previous one, a growth, a change. A succession of challenges in search of new boundaries to overcome. Against the tide, beyond the rules, beyond the limits. Free, I explore unknown spaces, never traveled. The unknown. I lose myself to find myself, to recognize myself, to be true to myself.

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