Onion planet dreamy landscape - limited edition print of art photography of a drop inside an onion flower, purple

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Happy to see you here! :)

Here you see macro photography of a drop inside an onion flower.

When I go out for the photo walk that time, I had a target - to capture something different, not an abstraction... I had thoughts, that my photos look pretty the same, especially photos of drops... But then I see a ball of an onion flower with the drops on it. And I stuck! I just couldn't resist this beauty, and couldn't keep myself from looking inside the flower with macro... into this wonderful Innerspace. 

I do photos outside in nature, no studio light, sometimes use a reflector, and I prefer evening setting sunlight. But such light changes pretty fast. Often when I've found the correct position for macro, the light is already gone! So it is tricky for me, but I am so excited about this beauty, about this wonderful world of macro...and for me important the moment of finding beauty. It is exciting, it is like a game or even hunting, but it takes a lot of energy and concentration. And often I am thinking - better I should do macro in the studio, arrange it... but no... and this is one more moment that makes me think and think "How things can be better...".

I was seating on the grass in front of this onion flower, completely tired, but happy. And I understood at that moment - yes, I do macro in a strange and maybe not the most correct way, and my photos can look pretty similar, may it is what people call the style!? My way! This thought was like a relief, the moment of acceptance. The moment when my inner critic gave up, and I let myself do what I do, what I get a passion for. I let myself be me! And I felt how tears run from my eyes, tears of happiness! And I was laughing from the thought - "Wow! Onion! Even flowers can make you cry!".

Such a story.... more photos of this Onion series coming :)))

And now some technical information:

The photography is printed by me on high-quality Fine Art paper from Hahnemuhle, using 12 colors pigment inks from Canon. 

The actual size of the picture is 60x40 cm.

Edition information:

Edition information:

The Actual size of the print is 30 x 20 cm  - 25 pcs
The actual size of the print is 45 x 30 cm - 9 pcs
The actual size of the print is 60 x 40 cm - 9 pcs

Style Abstract
Subject Flowers and plants
Year created 2021
Size (L x W x H) (cm / inches) 63 x 43 x 0.2 cm
Signed Yes
Shipping Cost £18
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Location Sandvik 23 56192, Joenkoeping, Sweden

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